British ponies

A little bit about the British Spotted Pony


The British Spotted Pony is a small pony breed from England that has been around for centuries. Its spotted fur serving as a way to camouflage among the British countryside. There are cave paintings dating back as far as 18000 BC that clearly show the Spotted Pony. Throughout history, the Spotted Pony was seen as a magical creature and therefore beloved by Royalty and the likes and they were often sent as gifts between the Royal families. While the Spotted Pony is believed to be native to Great Britain, many ponies were exported to Australia, Canada, United States, Netherlands, Germany and France after World War II. However, breed associations stopped the export in the 1970s when they realized that many of their best animals were lost due to the high demand and that the Spotted Pony was becoming quite rare in England. Nowadays the Spotted Pony is a rare breed…