British ponies

Choosing a pony to bet on

Why are you betting? It’s an important question to ask yourself. If you’re betting to add a bit of excitement to the sports you’re already watching then it doesn’t matter too much what you decide to do and whom you decide to support. If you’re in it to turn a quick profit then you’re going to need to choose the teams and athletes that have the best chance of winning (and that might not always be the team you want to win).

Firstly and most obviously, remember to check the statistics of the teams and players. Assuming that you already have a good knowledge of whatever sport you’re going to betting on, you will also need to know the nitty-gritty of the teams and players. Pay attention to the trainers, any changes in players or venues. These are factors that can often be overlooked but fatally so for the gambler. For example, athletes from drier climates might have difficulty performing at their peak levels in more humid climates. The same is true of athletes or teams from sea level playing in mountainous areas or athletes from colder climates playing in hotter ones and vice versa.

Beyond that, you will also need to know (or at the very least want to know) about the morale of the teams you’re betting on or against. The psychological state of an individual or a team can have a huge impact on their overall performance and can just as important as statistics to consider if you’re going to be betting for money.

And as sad as it may sound to anyone who has been a lifelong supporter of a team, you can’t always bet on the team that you actually want to win. It’s the prerogative of the casual gambler to bet on who they want to win, but betting with your heart when you’re trying to make money is by all means a bad idea. You need to keep in mind what you think will actually turn results.

So, if you’re trying to turn betting into more than a casual hobby then you will certainly need to adjust your betting behaviour. And most importantly is to ask yourself why you are betting. It can make all the difference to know if you’re just trying to have a little bit of fun or if you’re really endeavouring to turn a profit. Remember to ask yourself some of these questions before you start putting your hard-earned money on the outcome of the big game coming up.

Or instead of betting you donate your money to a charity. That works too!