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The British Spotted Pony is an endearing creature recognised for his unusual coat marking and renowned for his wonderful temperament. He makes an ideal and very versatile child’s riding pony and when outgrown by the children, will happily adapt to becoming a superb – and eye catching – driving pony.

He was at one time feral in the British Isles and his spotted coat pattern was his natural camouflage as he roamed the heaths and forests of ancient Britain. Stone Age man painted pictures of him on his cave walls and he also appeared in many illustrated manuscripts and drawings down through the ages.

During Roman times, some of the mounts of the more important Officers were spotted horses of great elegance and from old paintings and documents, we have learned that many of the fine horses sent as gifts between the Royal Families of Europe were spotted.

After the last War, there was a great awakening of interest in spotted equines many of which were exported to Australia, America, Canada and Europe, so in 1947 a Society called the British Spotted Horse and Pony Society was formed to keep a register of them. With so many having left our shores during the 1960’s and 1970’s the British Spotted Pony became relatively rare and so in 1976, the Society split with the ponies of 14.2hh and under being looked after by the BRITISH SPOTTED PONY SOCIETY, while the bigger ones went under the wing of the BRITISH APPALOOSA SOCIETY.